Rachael Moore: Run Towards What Scares You

John talks to Rachael Moore about her journey from graduating Blackbird Academy to working at Sound Emporium for five years before freelancing and working regularly with T Bone Burnett. She shares her unique perspective and journey into engineering and producing being classically trained flute player. Rachael shares her favorite gear used for recording vocalists and instrumentalists as well as getting her break as an engineer.

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Rachael Moore

Rachael Moore

After graduating from Full Sail with a Bachelors of Science in Audio Production, Rachael decided to relocate to Nashville in hopes of pursuing audio engineering among the best in the music capital of the world. She did just that by continuing to gain experience at various studios and working under world renowned producers and engineers.

She gained experience from BlackBird Studio at their academy before joining the Sound Emporium family in the Spring of 2015.

Today, Rachael talks us through her experiences working in Nashville as an engineer and mixer and what it is like being a part of the “Nashville Machine”.