Launching Fall 2022

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Launching this November, Inside Blackbird delivers unprecedented access to the most accomplished talents in the recording business. From home studio newbie, to control room guru, this content series is designed with everyone in mind, and provides hundreds of hours of video to help you where you're at in your audio journey.

Inside Blackbird is led by recording industry veteran John McBride, who has paved his way in the studio with not only his technical ability, but forming great relationships, and knowing that none of this is possible without the key ingredient - a great fucking song.

This isn't your average studio lesson...this is revolutionary. Tracking, mixing, gear, plugins, performing, touring, live hear from the best of the best, and you'll hear a helluvalot of stories along the way. Our experts Inside Blackbird share their wisdom, and in turn can take ten years off your trial and error process. Welcome to the new industry standard. Welcome to Inside Blackbird."

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